Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Iron Man Challenge

I have entered myself in the FullTilt IronMan Challenge. My plan is just trying to play at least one game per day. With this in mind I will be play mainly turbo SnG's from the $6.50 up to the $12 ones.

I know a lot of people like to use SharkScope. On my free time at work roam around some of my stats and boy do they suck. I havent fully use the site for it full capabilities but I am looking for people who use it on a daily or weekly basis, to see if it helps their game.

For those religious folks. My son is fully rid of sin, well for now. Sunday he was baptized and he received a nice family party. He is offically has more money then me. Monday was also the first day that he was in the care of complete stranger, as it was his first day of daycare. Mom was not about this.

1. being away from her son, for the first time all day.
2. going back to work.

Some of my poker observations.
In the beginning I said I entered myself in the IronMan Challenge. Ever since, the four 3's in every virutal deck has followed me and haunted me in all my games.

Also, I hate runner, runner, runner flushes. You people suck!

Anyone know what is the best way to get into the FTOPS? Want to try my hand at large dollars!

Also, booked a place for the wedding. BlueBellCountryClub. Good thing I'aint payin for it! Thanks in-laws.

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Riggstad said...

congrats on your kids entrance into the church. He now has a lifetime of guilt! (all of mine go to catholic school)

Sharkscope is pretty cool. It shoes monster swings and I use it moreso to see how opponents are rather than my own game. Use the charts if anything else.

FTOPS is easy to sat into. They have $3 rebuys at 36 entrants and $24 and $69 tourny's. You can sat into them as well.. Get after it and GL