Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Been playing a little bit on Bodog. Still dont like it as much as FullTilt, but I think its better then PokerStars. I said in a previous post that I used Bodog for sports betting, which hasnt been nice to me in the last two weeks going 1-5. But I started to play SnGs and ran up the BR a little.

Tonite was the first night in a while that i missed the Mookie due to some future plans, like looking for a place for the wedding. Yuck! I hate that I have to be involved. I did my part, the second most expensive part, the engagement ring. Again Yuck! At least she doesnt want to get married in a church. though we are both Catholic, it doesnt matter to the both of us about being married in church.

Also this week is going to be busy, my son will be baptized on Sunday, and the following weekend, my boy from home is getting married in New York. It will be a little crazy for the next couple of weeks.

Althought, they lost today and the top 4 batters went 0-15 and the top 6 went 2-23, the Phillies are the NL East Champions.


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