Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Omaha and a money finish.

Played a Omaha game on Monday night, after filling my gut, with what i like to call the 4 meat groups.




and Pig.

Had good o' BBQ on labor, after I was done work. Yeah, that right work. Cant complain, it was OT on holiday time. I really dont mind working on holidays that arent really holidays, like Labor Day, or Memorial Day, you know those non-important family orienated days, where you need to be w/ family and friends.

Anyway, when I get back to my home computer, I will post HH of the Omaha game, w/ a sweet situation that i got my self into.

Also played in a $10+1 NLHE, on FTP, and placed in the money, I was really pleased with that, as it has been a while. Also tournament pimpage for the Riverchasers game on Thursday

Here is the link


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