Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Quick Mookie

Awful play by Julius Goat in the mookie tonite. Awful. HandHistory

The new nuts is A4 offsuit. Its awesome.

Before tonite, I want 3-3 in SnGs over a four day span.

I played a heads up PLO game. done it 5 minutes, it was awesome. Pot, re-raise pot, re-re-raise pot. He was crazy.

I played a turbo $12 full ring game, that had me the chip through out the entire game. it was Cake.

Then last nite played a turbo $6.50 full ring game. This went back and forth. I made a full house on the last hand to take it down.

Sports betting again was shaky this past weekend. Had Oklahoma on thursday, that was easy money.

Nebraksa messing up at home, loss.

West Virigina, again easy money.

and then Sunday NFL. Eagles.....nice and then lost a parlay bet. Argh!

bankroll slowing growing.


Julius_Goat said...

There isn't enough 'whatever' in the world. If you think that hand history casts you in a good light, you are always welcome at my starting table.

Bad beat stories never start with "I had Q7 suited."

corron10 said...

but I can tell you how a bad beat story ends, "He had A4 offsuit....

Julius_Goat said...

You know what, corron? I was obviously in a bad mood yesterday. That was uncharacteristically snippy of me. So, I'm sorry for being shitty there. My bad. Let's start over.

My take on the hand? We both played pretty bad. That's all. My play shows why I didn't make it to the final table. It certainly wasn't my A game. I was just too loose and gamble-y and willing to chase. Your play shows that you couldn't get away from top pair third kicker Wed. night. Neither of us look like great players from it.

What made you call my re-raise? I'm just curious. What made you think your Q7 was good after two calls and a re-raise?

My main regret is that I didn't just put you all in, really. If you were going to call a 1.5 x re-raise, you're probably calling for the rest of it too.

corron10 said...

this is how I looked at it. It was the first hand I played in about 2 and half orbits, my is tight agrressive, figured if I raised preflop no one would come in, unless they had a big hand. My analysis is that if you had a pair you would re-raised preflop thus me folding when it came back around to me. Remember this was 6-handed not 9. I wasnt looking for action with my hand not at all. like i said a re-raise, would of made me fold. so when the flop came 7 high, i was like 80% sure that i had the best of which i did. If you 8's or better you would have re-raise my flop bet. the turn pair the board. again you called my turn bet, at this time i was still fearing a bigger hand but not really. the 2 on the river, didnt seem like a scary card so i bet again. then the re-raise. at this point i was really feeling that you had 8's or 9's and were valuing betting them. I just called the raise seeing that was a lot of money in the pot and felt it was necessary to call.

At this point was not expecting to see A4 offsuit. Again i was on a read of your past performance, when we were heads up for the mookie 3 week prior. My read was right and you got luck.

In no way that I'm mad or upset. I felt i put an imagine on the table early that I'm tight and when i bet that people would walk away. The hand was a just an attempt to steal blinds on my first hand that i came in with.