Thursday, September 20, 2007

$22, 5 hands 2 tournaments = DONKEY!

Not complete donkey but pretty damn close. the Mookie the other nite i lost a race to the "CEO" Riggstad , w/ my QQ's to his AK, he turned a Ace................ gg North Korea

Tonite in the Riverchasers event. I started off on the button to begin the tournament, fold every hand until my small blind and pick up AK suited. UTG Katitude , made a pot size raise. I then re-raise her and she flat called. At this point i was a little worried. I was hoping she had sqadosh. Nope! Flop comes rag, I bet, figured I didnt want to lose the betting advantage, she calls, turn, rag, I bet, she raises AI, over the top. I was close to laying it down, which i should have in the first place. but something did feel right and I ended up donking my chips really really bad.

For some reason I thought i was being bullied around or bluff. But it was me falling in a nasty, nasty trap. GG Russia.

As for saturday night, for my boys bachelor party, we finally made it down to AC. First off its much better to drive down yourself then take any other kind of transportation. His best man did an awesome job of setting everything with the food, beer and transportation. We were to be picked up at 8pm, and I told everyone to meet at my house for a little pregame action. So people to started filing in around 630pm to watch some NCAA football and drink a little.

So the bus got there at 730 and we were waiting on some more people, so when we wait, we do shots. Shots of Jack around the house. Its now 8pm and we start to file on the bus, and its a cheese wagon! With NO BATHROOM! 17 guys, all a little tipsy, w/ a keg on board, meant we were peeing in cups and throwing them out onto the AC expressway. Thank god for Farleys pit stop, as I felt my kidneys float into the back of my mouth. It never felt so good to pee in a sink.

We all then decided to go to the Tropicana to start out, because it meet everyones need to drink, gamble and mack on some fine tail. God the ladies were all doll up. So, I decided that I want to play cards and off to the poker room i went.

I bought in short, which i never do, only because i had no idea of when the party would up and leave. So with that in mine, I played tight. after a couple of orbits, I picked AJ and built my stack to $90. couple hands later I raised w/ KJ of clubs and got 5 callers. Yes 5. Flop all diamonds and threw it away.

So another orbit or two, the button raises it up to $20, and I look down to QQ. So I push. its just about 55 total. he turns to me says "Queens right?" and I said "yes two black ones" and he goes "well I guess I have to call w/ my two black kings". So KK vs QQ, no two-outer and I left the room.

Normally this is not my game plan for a cash game in AC but I had all my boys and it was from there, time to get fucked up!

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Riggstad said...

Rough hand there early in the mook.. I've learned to shove early, heads up with a premium hand. In those tournies, a huge stack early makes it easy to coast to a shot at a win. and if you lose, you don't waste anymore time.

Oddly enough, that was 1 of about the 2% of races I had won over the lat 3 days! GG Milwaukee!